EIT Manufacturing brings together close to 70 European leading partners from business, education and research. Our partners come from diverse sectors, providing complementary skills that ensure we have the right team to address current manufacturing challenges and succeed in the dual digital and green transformation.

EIT Manufacturing connects diverse networks and areas of expertise that are essential to industrial innovation. 

Through its Education activities, EIT Manufacturing seeks to empower Europe with people who are capable and inspired to shape the future of manufacturing. Its Innovation pillar helps the European manufacturing community, including companies and tech organisations, to industrialise innovative projects, and its Business Creation team empowers high-growth, profitable companies that have a positive social impact.  Finally, EIT Manufacturing’s Regional Innovation Scheme RIS is designed to overcome disparities between regions by strengthening the local innovation ecosystems in countries that are moderate or modest innovators. These areas are bridged through dedicated programmes and by strengthening links between key innovation actors.

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