Coordinatore Spazio del Nucleo Tecnico Scientifico, Lombardia Aerospace Cluster

1999 to date
• Head of Research & Innovation (2005 to date): coordination of scientific/technology research activities to support business programs of OHB Italia and head of institutional relations with the Defense Ministry, Research Ministry, Research Institutes.

• 2013-2020: OHB Italia representative in the MistE-R Consortium (Laboratory of Micro and Sub-Micro Enabling Technologies of Emilia-Romagna) of Italian National Research Council (CNR): Managing Board.

• 2009-2015: OHB Italia representative in the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster: Steering Comitee.

• 2015 to date: referent of the space industries in the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster.

• 2015 to date: representative of the Lombardy Aerospace Cluster within the National Technological Cluster for Aerospace (CTNA),

• 2014 to date: CEO of ANTARES, a consortium of SME in which OHB Italia represents the reference shareholder.

• 2008-2010: OHB Italia reprsentative in the IMAST (Italian technological district for the engineering of composite and polymeric materials and structures).

• System Engineer in ESA space programs (1999-2004).

• Project Manager in ESA space programs (1999-2004).

Eurotron Instruments S.p.A., Milan
1994 to 1998
Project Manager in the development of a new noncontact measurement systems in collaboration with National Research Council (CNR) Istituto Colonnetti (Torino).

CeSNEF (Nuclear Study Institute Enrico Fermi) Informatics and Electronic Laboratory Researcher
1990 to 1994 Research projects in current modulation and current drive DC/DC converters, computer aided small signal modelling of switching converters, periodically switched networks, resonant converters.



Organisational/Managerial Skills

Twenti years experience in space sector.
Strong professional engagement.
Stategic vision of space market, capability to meet company targets.
Management and coordination of work groups also located in different locations.
Great capability to manage and motivate the team, providing appropriate delegation and to encourage the professional growth of the colleagues.

Job-Related Skills

Analytical mindset and sinthesis capability.
Great knowledge and experience in preparation, administration and management of civil and military programs, and funded research projects, bids, and contracts negotiation.
Strong competence in balance sheet analysis, budget,long term plans and strategic plans preparation.

Principal publications

• P. Cerabolini, A. Franzoso, F. Gerace, E. Saggese, A. Simonetti, “Nanosatellite EAGLET-1 ready for Launch”, 4S Symposium 2018 by ESA and CNES
• A Multipurpose Flexible Photonic Integrated Micro Device for Space and Earth Applications Based on a Tuneable Resonating Micro Cavity on LiNbO3. (Caneus 2007).
• Monolithic Silicon-Based Microthruster for Orbital and Attitude Control Fabricated by Using MEMS Technologies (CANEUS 2006).
• A new miniaturised optical system for chemical species spectroscopic detection based on a scanning integrated Mach-Zehnder Microinterferometer on LiNbO3 (5th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, 04/2005 and Optical Microsystem Conference 2006)
• Fuel Cell: regenerative cycles (FieraMilano Teach 2005).
• Project INCA: Engineering of NIR (1-5 micron) cameras for ground and space-based astronomical applications (SPIE 2004).

Additional Information

1991 to 1992 Served in Italian Army as Officer for 67° BFM Montelungo, within NATO Rapid Deployable Corps and for Milan Recruiting Office.


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