Head of Data Science and Digital Innovation, GSK Vaccines R&D

Dr. Duccio Medini is a Data Scientist and Pharma Executive, currently serving as Head of Data Science and Digital Innovation for GSK Vaccines R&D.

In 20 years at the interface between basic research, clinical development and public health, Dr. Medini discovered the pangenome concept, contributed to the development of the first universal vaccine against serogroup B meningitis, led the Meningococcal Antigen Typing System (MATS) platform worldwide, authored 50+ publications in population genomics and mathematical vaccinology.

He received his Masters and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Perugia, Italy, and the Northeastern University in Boston, MA; is Full Professor of Molecular Biology and member of international PhD school committees at the Perugia and Turin Universities in Italy, honorary member of the Cuban Immunology Society, Research Fellow of the ISI Foundation, Oversees Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, member of the International Society for Computational Biology.

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