Risk Management Evolution

In the current global context, characterised by a high level of uncertainty and by the need to tackle ever more complex threats, integrated and optimized risk-management represents a strategic asset and a competitive advantage for corporations. The function of a Risk Manager comprises the  identification of risks, their mapping, control and financing and the identification of the best-suited insurance cover.

The methods, strategies and instruments for managing risk and protecting the value of an enterprise are issues of central interest for every professional operating in this sector, On top of which, there is a need for closer integration between different corporate areas: between the area of security management, with its principal focus on the containment of cyber-risk, and the neighbouring areas of risk and compliance management. When facing an escalation in corporate risk levels, one of the basic ingredients of any efficient management plan is the identification of strategies for reducing ‘other’ risks. The day-long session of comparing ideas and in-depth analysis will take a detailed look at analytical instruments, new trends for risk managers and the evolution of this role.

The conference will therefore provide an opportunity for exchanging ideas with experts in the sector, for getting to know and gaining advance insight into the main risk factors corporations will have to cope with over the coming years – with a focus on transfer solutions and on techniques for the prevention, analysis and quantitative mitigation of financial and operational risks.

There will be specific sessions dedicated to the description of emerging risks, including cyber risks, e.g. APTs, data leakage, web applications, mobile devices, social media and cloud computing. Also included will be the subject of setting up complete platforms for security management, risk and compliance management, environments from which informed decisions may be sourced to reduce uncertainties and possibilities for error, implementing proactive measures and risk management in a global perspective.

Subject Areas:

  • Opportunities and risks for the risk manager
  • Governance, Risk and Security Management (GRC)
  • How to improve incident response capacity at the enterprise level
  • Setting up risk-based security management
  • Risk management in the era of cloud services and social media
  • Market risks, financial assessments
  • New trends in Enterprise Risk Management
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