“The Hybrid Event”


We decided to choose “DIGITAL RESILIENCE” as the theme of this sixth edition of the Digital Italy Summit for two reasons:

  • For an external reason, because it is only thanks to digital technology that our economy and society have avoided collapsing due to the pandemic…
  • … and for an internal reason, because while other sectors have suffered heavily, digital technology has not declined at all, but rather has become an enabling factor in the acceleration of the digital transformation of Businesses and Public Administration.

The Digital Italy Summit 2021 is therefore proposed as an opportunity to synthesise and share the most interesting experiences we have witnessed during this dramatic year, and as an opportunity to discuss the prospects for a recovery fuelled both by the profound transformations that have taken place in this period and by the impact of the incremental investments of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, we decided to structure the Summit as a hybrid event.

On 18th of October, the Annual Report presentation ceremony will be held in person, as well as the traditional Gala Dinner where leaders from the world of ICT Companies, the Economy, Universities, Research, and Public Administration will gather in the evening.

The proceedings of the 14 Thematic Sessions scheduled for 19-20th of October will be accessible to all, via streaming and the several channels that will be made available.

A unique opportunity for companies and organisations interested in sharing their technologies, visions, and achievements, and for anyone fascinated in learning more about where our country is going on the road to digital innovation and ecological transition.

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