To fight the threat of cyber terrorism, industrial espionage, cyber blackmail

The best response in an increasingly worrying scenario – characterized by an ongoing increase in cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and cyber attacks by international groups engaged in Cyber Crime – can result only from initiatives aimed at strengthening cooperation between institutions, organizations and operators that manage critical infrastructures on the one hand and technology players on the other. The ultimate goal should be to guarantee that critical national infrastructures are secure as well as to preserve the resilience of organizations operating in industries that are essential to Italy’s economic growth.
The “Cybersecurity Summit 2016” organized by The Innovation Group in Rome aims at illustrating and discussing the new regulations on which the European Institutions have recently reached an agreement (EU General Data Protection Regulation, NIS Directive – Network and Information Security), the Safe Harbor “case” and current regulations governing the international transfer of personal data, and the latest European Cybersecurity strategies. Italian best practices will be presented with reference to the implementation of defensive measures in the Public Sector, the evolution of SOCs and CERTs and the protection of critical infrastructures and industrial facilities (Industrial Internet).

Thanks to the presence of major Italian and international experts, the event is also a unique occasion for exchanging experiences and networking, discussing emerging trends in the security arena, identifying necessary countermeasures, designing and developing innovative Security Governance and Cyber Risk Management solutions.

The following key topics will be discussed during the Summit:

  • Cyber warfare: national defense strategies to counter cyber threats
  • Homeland Cybersecurity, GovCERT and CERTs
  • Security of critical infrastructures and industrial facilities (Industrial Internet)
  • European Compliance: General Data Protection Regulation, NIS Directive – Network and Information Security, Security profiles in cloud services agreements and contracts for the international transfer of personal data
  • Security of Things, evolution of standards and regulatory contexts
  • Best Practices to manage Cyber Risk in the Public Sector

Target audience of the Cybersecurity Summit 2016 – Rome:

  • National civilian, military and security institutions
  • Universities and research centers
  • The Cybersecurity Ecosystem
  • ICT Industry Executives
  • CISOs, CSOs of Central and Local government agencies
  • Network Security Managers, Datacenter and Infrastructure Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • CFOs, CXOs, Risk Managers
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