Big Data Analytics Conference 2013

Following the organization, during the month of June, of the biggest Italian event in the field of Big Data, “Analytics 2013”, with over 700 registered participants and well-known keynote speakers like Michael Mandel and Gianni Riotta, The Innovation Group is now offering a new formula to approach this issue, whose objective is to provide Business and Organizations with clear operative guidelines on the use of Big Data, to foster growth, improve efficiency and strengthen competitiveness.

We offer, therefore – along with our Summits, which are already well-established as the “killer events” of the ICT Italian market – a new format: the “Big Data Analytics Conference”, which will take place in Rome, on the 17th of October 2013.

The Big Data revolution, triggered by the constantly growing use of social networks and by the emerging phenomenon of the IoT (Internet of Things), for the first time allows firms to research and discover new opportunities through the analysis of consumers’ behaviour, of the evaluation and perception of their own brand and products and of the evaluation of their customer-care services.

The possibility to access ubiquitously, on diversified and mobile platforms, both historic and “live” information and content, generated both internally and externally to the company, allows firms to inject intelligence and knowledge into the operative and decisional processes. Moreover, data and content can be made easily usable for a much greater number of internal users also through advanced methods of visualization, by accelerating the process of consumerization of corporate data and extending the empowerment of decisions, even operative ones, in a more distributed way throughout the firm.

The “Big Data Analytics Conference” will answer with concrete case studies and clear operative guidelines to the following questions:

  • Can Big Data represent a new growth and development mechanism for business?
  • How can they be used to transform traditional business models, and through which roadmap?
  • How can Customer Big Data change the activity of the Chief Marketing Office?
  • How can they enable a significant “performance management improvement” of the Chief Financial Officer?
  • How can operations, supply chain and networks and infrastructures management be optimized through the use of Big Data?
  • Which guidelines should be followed to approach Big Data and at the same time guarantee an adequate respect of privacy?
  • What can we learn from experiences of use within various vertical markets, like Finance, Energy, Telecommunications, Utilities, Services, PA and Healthcare?

The “Big Data Analytics Conference” is intended for:

  • LoB Managers and Staff and Business Functions
  • Managing Functions responsible for the organization of PA and healthcare services
  • CIO and IT Managers that are involved in the activation of new platforms and/or their integration with existent informative systems.