A conviction is starting to gain ground in the business community that the current economic downturn could be overcome using measures aimed for growth and not just for containment and control of costs and austerity in public spending.

The banking sector has a vital role to play. But to do so, now that it has toughened out the financial crisis, the sector will have to step up the pace in regaining profitability and meet the challenge from both traditional and emerging competitors.

Underlying this process of renewal is the use of digital technology, which should radically simplify banking procedures and change our relationship with our customers.

Banking for growth needs new banks and renewed banks; it means rethinking, re-imagining and enriching value for the customer; it means pursuing a banking model that is profoundly different from that of the past. Banks and banking are now no longer necessarily synonyms.

Among the innovative developments underpinning this process of renewal, which will be investigated over the course of the Summit, are the following:

  • Redesigning present models of distribution; streamlining the network of branches using online services and new-format points of sale and interaction: moving from workplace to workspace;
  • Development of the new generation of on-line banking services and customer services in an integrated “omni-channel” logic and an innovative customer experience;
  • Using corporate data as an asset, understanding the BIG DATA revolution in order to improve the performance and effectiveness of the commercial network and of marketing campaigns and for better awareness of customer requirements, instilling loyalty through systems of customer insight, front-line analytics, near-forecasting and dynamic pricing;
  • Adopting new models of ICT sourcing (from Cloud Computing to strategic outsourcing) and diffusing dematerialization systems from workflow to business process management, aimed at simplifying processes and making them more efficient and flexible;
  • Rethinking products and relational modes for some of the more promising customer segments such as payment systems, consumer credit, financing services and credit for SMEs;

Banking Summit 2013 will tackle these key issues not just from the point of view of digital technologies and ICT solutions, but by highlighting experiences, testimonies and success stories from the Italian and international banking communities.

The target audience:

Representatives of Top Management, COOs, CIOs, Finance Directors, Heads of Purchasing, Commercial and Marketing Managers involved in the decisional processes of governance and investment in information systems.

Target Industries:

  • Banks, Credit and Financial Institutes
  • Insurers working in the financial services sector
  • Companies offering services to banks