DIGITAL AGENDA FOR BANKING: Transformation of the distribution network, simplification of processes and Value to clients.

Milan, 20th of September 2012

The banking industry in Italy resisted the tough challenge brought by economic downturn. Many banks “cleaned” their balance sheets and must now rebuild a competitive strategy to grow, increase profitability, and face traditional and emergent competitors.

The use of digital technologies is fundamental to simplify banking processes and radically change relationship with customers.

It’s necessary to review the way in which banking activities are carried out and banking models in general: bank and banking are not synonymous anymore.

Banks will face important choices to remodel their cost structure, enhancing front-end and back-end processes.

It’s necessary to implement important simplification, a stable and continuative “conversation” with clients, through the use of digital technologies.

These are some of the innovative issues that will be discussed during the summit:

  • How to redesign contemporary distributive models and streamline the network of subsidiaries through on-line and mobile banking services, physical presence and its integration with social networks.
  • How to enhance the commercial network and subsidiaries’ performance, remodeling and integrating marketing campaigns and sales tools, for a better comprehension of the clients’ needs and build their loyalty through customer insight systems and front line analytics.
  • How technologies and new ICT service models – from Cloud Computing to dematerialization technologies, from workflows to business process management – can rationalize the application portfolio and simplify processes making them efficient and flexible.
  • How to design innovative business models, rethink products for the most remunerative client segments, the most innovative products such as payment systems and tools, the consumer credit, financing services for SME’s and corporate banking.

The Banking Summit 2012 will tackle these key-themes, not only from the digital technologies and ICT perspectives, but especially starting from actual experiences, tales and “success stories” of the Italian and international banking business community.