Can the IoE bring back the High-Growth Economy in Europe? Venezia
Can the IoE bring back the High-Growth Economy in Europe? Venezia


Workshop organized by The Innovation Group in collaboration with Cisco Italia.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is based on a new technological infrastructure that combines networks of sensors for personal use and/or incorporated in other objects, products and things with wireless connectivity in such a way that they become intelligent sources of new data and information

So why is the Internet of Everything a key element of a high-growth future?

  • Because IoE is the natural extension of Internet-type connectivity to physical objects,
  • Because IoE is essential for broadening the economic impact of the Information Revolution, transforming “physical” activities such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, and dramatically increasing the productivity of our economies.
  • Because IoE could give us much better utilization of all of our assets, both physical and human.

Based on the contribution of prestigious international esperts, the workshop will focus on the technology scenarios, on how enterprises could take advantage of IoE and on the policies that EU and Governments should action to enable our economies to take advantage of this new revolutionary paradigm.

The event is free of charge, subject to availability.

Keynote Speakers:

Michael Mandel
Chief Economic Strategist,
PPI – Progressive Policy Institute – Washington DC


Read now Michael Mandel’s Paper:
Can the Internet of Everything bring back the high-growth economy?

Alfonso Fuggetta