The Innovation Group in collaboration with MAT Edizioni is organizing the third edition of “ANALYTICS”, the most relevant event on the theme of BIG DATA, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

The program The program will be enriched by prestigious national and international Keynote Speaker.

Read here Michael Mandel’s paper: “Beyond Goods and Services: The (Unmeasured) rise of the Data-Driven economy

In these last years we are facing a new industrial revolution and the data revolution is changing changes the way we think, we take decisions, we work inside organizations; Health, Public Administration and citizens’ participation in the governance of the country is changing as well. Technologies and solutions of business intelligence, business analytics and content management are converging with potentials of cloud computing and mobile platforms to help to solve those problems that affected companies for a long time, to open up unexpected opportunities in many business areas of all industry sectors through the discovery, research and use of BIG DATA. Previously impossible and innovative solutions are now viable by both large and small and medium enterprises, with limited investments and risks, and this is just the beginning .. as the immediate next step is to make the data and information not only an asset to create complementary services that enrich the products, but also really new digital services.

The revolution of Big Data, that has exploded with the ever-wider use of social networks and the diffusion of IoT (Internet of Things), for the first time allows companies to pursue new opportunities by the analysis of purchasing behaviors of customers, the evaluation of the perception of their brands and products, the evaluation of the service to its own customers.

The ability to access so ubiquitous on different and mobile platforms to information and content, both historical and “alive”, inside and outside the company, enables companies to inject intelligence and knowledge in business processes and decision-making.

This is the change that affects business skills and data analysis inside companies’ users and suppliers, and this is maybe the most critical point on the whole Big Data issue.


The following topics will be covered during the Summit:

  • Which are the main implications of the new data economy, the new digital data products and a data driven organization;
  • What are the main opportunities of Big Data, for which industry sectors, for what use inside companies and what it means to be a data driven organization;
  • What are the main applications and experiences of Business Analytics as an evolution of Business Intelligence: which technologies and solutions, benefits, and organizational aspects have to be taken into account;
  • Business & Content Analytics and the explosion of Big Data: how to handle large amounts of structured and unstructured data, inside and outside the company and the integration with contents
  • Business Analytics and Big Data and the opportunities offered by new technologies, data visualization and information design
  • Business Analytics, Mobile, Cloud and Social Web: how to generate value from their integration and which synergies in some of the strategic business areas
  • How to radically change the methods of data analysis, information management architectures and data management towoards post-relational models

The Summit will address these key issues from the point of view of technology and ICT solutions, but especially starting from experiences, testimonies and “success stories” of the business community.

With “Analytics 2013” The Innovation Group aims to get to the heart of how companies can take a leap of competitiveness in terms of efficiency and productivity in knowing how to handle new processes and integrated information and content intensive.