In a world at constant search for innovative formats and content to fuel original Go-to-Market strategies, The Innovation Group as quickly established itself as the undisputed leader of high profile ICT events.

Our events are characterized by 3 key features:

  • The most innovative themes and programs
  • The most prominent and prestigious speakers
  • The most influential participants

Our events represent unique occasions of contact and encounter between the ICT world and the main players in the Industry, Finance, Public Administrations, Politics and Economics.

Our Event’s calendar is designed based on a rigorous choice of critical areas for the Industry and the ICT markets. The various events are linked by a common thread that is yearly renewed and evolved coherently with our analysis on the main trends of the market.

Ours are not simple Events, but actual Integrated Communication Projects that include interviews of the main speakers, creation and distribution of White Papers, Video Galleries, Labs, Follow-up and after-event management.

In the end, the unique quality of our database, that withholds the invaluable richness of relations and contacts of our partners, allows to realize high-quality VIP Custom Events, capable of satisfying even the most exigent of our customers.