EXPO 2015 and RIO+20 promoting a global conversation, involving the role of sustainable & smart city model
EXPO 2015 and RIO+20 promoting a global conversation, involving the role of sustainable & smart city model

EXPO Milano 2015 in Rio+20 has promoted a “lasting global conversation, striving to keep it alive and to continue it through 2015 and beyond” on global sustainability, including themes directly relating to Expo Milano 2015 such as: food security, sustainable agriculture, water and sustainable cities. The meetings involved many stakeholders like UN Global Compact, FAO, OXFAM, ActionAid, AVSI with speakers like Vandana Shiva, Kate Raworth and, as a guest, Corrado Clini, Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea. You can find an extensive report here that explains how Expo Milano 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is also a “global forum to discover new ways of thinking about food, sustainability and cooperation as well as a place to experience innovative technologies and ideas for our planet” .  It also includes the role of EXPO as a Greenfield smart city that will leave a precious inheritance to Milan, and the other towns, of innovative solutions for building new smart and sustainable neighborhoods. You can learn more about it (as announced in this previous post) at the SMART CITY SUMMIT 2012.

From the “Giuseppe Sala, CEO Expo 2015 S.p.A., speech at Rio+20

“The visitor experience will be strongly supported and improved in everyphase by technological products and services.

Before the visit technologies will be used for several purpose:

  • Attract and engage (e.g., interactive signs, multimedia advertising, etc)
  • Profiling Visitors through innovative channels (e.g., web, mobile,etc) informing them about contents, price, etc.
  • Site Visiting planning (To propose to the visitor a personalized site visit, avoiding site congestion)
  • Smart electronic ticket
  • Travel support

During the visit Technologies will enable a superior and immersive visitor experience though the features that will be developed in areas such as accessibility, customized itineraries, augmented reality.

Last but not least the Cyber Expo, Technologies that recreate the ‘Expo experience’ for those not visiting it in person, such as virtual visits, web communities and social games.”

EXPO 2015 will compete with the effort of London for Sustainable 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, setting a new milestone in this game for a sustainable future at the global, huge events and for smart & sustainable cities. This target involves a close collaboration of the hosting town’s municipality, as planned in the Milan 2015 City Operations project. It’s not easy, but the 30-story tall “Green” hotel, built in China (Hunan) by BROAD SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CO. in 360 hours, as explained in this video, shows that some “smart bricks” are available.

Donato Toppeta