ICT Management Consulting

The Innovation Group (TIG) wants to reach medium to large companies and organizations in those industries where digital technologies are strategic in achieving organizational and business innovation.

TIG aims at operating in the financial services, energy, utility , consumer goods and public administration sectors as well as those industries undergoing strong transformation, where the pervasiveness of new digital technologies can contribute to a better positioning of the businesses, so to become more efficient and competitive.

In a competitive market context it becomes priority to realign technological strategies to business strategies and goals, as well as to rethink organization, processes and business itself, leveraging new capabilities offered by technological innovation in selected areas of knowledge.

    • ICT Strategy – Planning e Business Alignment:
      • Technology e Market Intelligence to make accurate investment decisions that are aligned to the market’s evolution in the most innovative areas of Web, Cloud, Mobile computing and Business Analytics.
      • Development and Implementation of Cloud Computing Strategy and Governance through an evolutionary model, building a roadmap that guides the company from the Private Cloud to the Public Cloud.
    • ICT Organization & Innovation:
      • Optimize resources, operational processes, technology and digital systems governance in the company, coherently with compliance boundaries and risk management;
      • Innovation – Readiness and Maturity assessment of the organizations;
      • Picture of innovative ICT organization, enabled by transformation and consumerization processes of IT, Cloud Computing models and BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology);
    • Sourcing Strategy & Vendor Selection:
      • ICT Cost optimiziation, rationalization of suppliers evaluating and certifying the viability of companies through a proprietary methodology: “Global Star Certification TM” of IOM*;
      • Support to Sourcing and Outsourcing processes regarding technologies, solutions and services (RFI, RFP, vendor rating and business case development), contract definition and structuration of service management processes;
      • Technology Scouting, Technology Road Mapping with focus on emerging technologies (Clean Technologies, Advance Materials, Printed Circuits and Target Delivery)
    • Innovation Management :
      • Innovation Discovery & Technology Intelligence (with International Partners);
      • Support choice and adoption of Technologies, Platforms and Solutions for team work and internal/external collaboration to promote processes of Open Collaborative Innovation and relative issues tied to the necessary organizational processes.

Our experience and that of our partners allow us, together with the clients, to develop ideas and initiatives with personalized services that keep into consideration investment, time and know-how constraints in different  areas of competence.

In areas where it is important not only to offer competences in the strategizing phase and planning, TIG is the partner you can trust to accompany you in the implementation phase, based on technological solutions selected together with the client and available on the market.